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La SSM encourage l'échange et le dialogue entre la science et l'application pratique de la météorologie. Elle est ouverte aux personnes qui s'intéressent à la météo dans le cadre de leurs études, de leurs recherches, de leur profession ou simplement de leurs loisirs.en plus

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SGM weather hike 2022

The second weather hike of the SGM led us to the Mythen region on August 28 2022.

SGM weather hike 2022
Image : SGM, Céline Portenier

On the way from Brunni to Holzegg, Manfred Stähli gave us an insight into the WSL's Alptal research station, and Janine Bolliger talked about the influence of night lighting on flying insects. After a leisurely walk of one and a half hours, the weather hikers returned to Holzegg for a late lunch. And because hiking together was so much fun and the participants still had energy, they decided not to take the gondola down to the valley on the way back but walked down the footpath back to Brunni or Schwyz. Those who were there enjoyed it!


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