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The SSM promotes the exchange and dialogue between science and practical application of meteorology. It is open to people who are interested in the weather in their studies, research, profession or leisure time.more

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Akademie trifft Praxis (A2P)

At A2P events, master and doctoral students have the possibility to visit a potential future employer and to learn more about alternatives to an academic career.

Next A2P

The next A2P event will take place in autumn 2024. More information will follow.

Past A2P

24.11.2023 - Visit at SRF Meteo

The last A2P event led us to the world of weather forecasting at SRF Meteo. More information on this event can be found here.

A2P at SRF Meteo
A2P at SRF MeteoImage: Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Meteorologie

7.10.2022 - Visit at MeteoSwiss and SWISS

In 2022, A2P led us to MeteoSwiss and SWISS in Zurich on Friday, 7 October 2022. More information is available here.

A2P at SWISS and MeteoSwiss
A2P at SWISS and MeteoSwissImage: Fabian Schöni, SGM

13.1.2022: A2P online event with Thomas Kleiber

Thomas Kleiber, former meteorologist at SRF Meteo, showed us the range of careers in the environmental field and gave us an insight into his personal wealth of experience. He told us about his rich professional life from chemical laboratory assistant to weatherman at Swiss Television and forest fire forecaster in Canada. He also gave valuable tips on topics such as job interviews, important skills and knowledge in atmospheric sciences - and he shared his love for weather in general. Many thanks, Thomas! This A2P event was attended online by up to 35 mostly young interested people. Due to the current situaltion regarding the Corona virus, this A2P event was held online.

A2P Kleiber
A2P Kleiber

3.10.2019 - Besuch bei der Axpo in Baden

  • A2P at Axpo
  • A2P at Axpo
  • A2P at Axpo
  • A2P at AxpoImage: Livia Näf, SGM1/3
  • A2P at AxpoImage: Livia Näv, SGM2/3
  • A2P at AxpoImage: Livia Näf, SGM3/3

26.10.2018: Besuch bei Infras

11.5.2017 - Besuch beim Bundesamt für Umwelt (BAFU)

  • A2P BAFU
  • A2P BAFU
  • A2P BAFU
  • A2P BAFU1/3
  • A2P BAFU2/3
  • A2P BAFU3/3

15.04.2016 - Besuch bei Meteogroup

  • A2P Meteogroup
  • A2P Meteogroup
  • A2P Meteogroup
  • A2P Meteogroup1/3
  • A2P Meteogroup2/3
  • A2P Meteogroup3/3

19.06.2015 - Swiss Re, Zürich

29.10.2014 - MeteoNews, Zürich

27.06.2014 - Alpiq, Olten

25.09.2013 - inNet Umweltmonitoring AG, Altdorf