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Symposium & General Assembly SGM 2022

The general assembly and the annual symposium of the Swiss Society for Meteorology (SSM) was held in Bern on Friday, 4 November 2022.

Wetter und Klima (Symbolbild)
Image: NASA

After a tasty lunch and the general assembly of the Swiss Society for Meteorology, Nicolas Bukowiecki (University of Basel), Matthias Röthlisberger (ETH Zurich), and Céline Portenier (University of Bern/University of Zurich) gave us an insight into their research. In addition, 10 master students from different swiss universities presented their current thesis and exchanged information about their project with the participants of the symposium.This year's winners of the SwissMeteoPhotoContest 2022 are Philippe Gyarmati, Joas Müller, Peter Stucki, and Sven Kotlarski. Congratulations!