Akademie trifft Praxis (A2P)

Visit at Axpo on 3 Oktober 2019

Energie und Technologie (Symbolbild)
Immagine: Christoph Ritz

On 3 Oktober 2019, 20 students visited the Axpo in Baden to visit a potential future employer and to learn more about alternatives to an academic career. Presentations about meteorology in the energy sector, modeling of the electricity market, and optimization of hydropower plants were combined with a guided tour on the traiding floor and an apero with the opportunity to discuss about the energy sector, its meteorological applications and carreer prospects. We would like to thank Axpo for their willingness to offer this wonderful insight into their work life.

  • A2P at Axpo
  • A2P at Axpo
  • A2P at Axpo
  • A2P at AxpoImmagine: Livia Näf, SGM1/3
  • A2P at AxpoImmagine: Livia Näf, SGM2/3
  • A2P at AxpoImmagine: Livia Näv, SGM3/3


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